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With the waves of foreign cultures hitting our shores, we sometimes tend to forget the beauty and charm of our own heritage. YELO is homage to the old-school tradition of celebrating summers and happiness – with a Kulfi in one hand and rubbing away the forehead sweat with the other, running crazy in those narrow streets. We did not expect the response we got when we first introduced Kulfi in our menu at Royal Taj. Our customers loved it and it soon became a hit at Royal Taj. It was immensely satisfying and gleeful to witness our dessert being loved so much by the customers. This made us realize how most of the people from widely ranging age groups, food choices and social backgrounds conveniently enjoy an authentic bite of Kulfi, hinting towards a lucrative business. It is always a pleasure to stay grounded to our roots which is why we launched YELO with a hope to pass on the joys of past to the generations after. YELO has some more milky treats in store – getting readied to be sent your way!

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