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Taj set its feet in the petroleum industry by making joint ventures with already successful and prestigious petroleum companies. By acquiring the license to franchise, Taj was allowed access to those businesses’ proprietary knowledge, processes, and trademarks in order to sell their petroleum products/ service under their respective names.

Taj takes pride in its honorary partnership with the giants of Petroleum Industry; Shell & PSO. We are with full responsibility of the task, franchisee of Shell and PSO. We are functioning and controlling these franchises at multiple locations across the nation.

We are well aware of the ethics and values of running a franchise and– since all such brands have reached a prestigious stage and have evolved their customers’ absolute trust – maintaining the image that has been established amongst the consumers. Undoubtedly, Shell and PSO are two big names with the largest number of consumers, so we make sure that we provide people with quality and care that they have always experienced and expect.


Taj aims to provide best quality of fuel – never compromising on its purity and authenticity. We strive, day and night, to offer the highest stream of quality fuel in petrol, diesel, CNG and lubricants. Promising to never undermine our values, we understand the stakes of our reputation and trust of our customers.


We have a firm belief in accountability and realize the necessity of measuring whole and full. It is our faith that pushes us to be honest and loyal to our customers.


We use modern software at our stations. For example, we offer computerized slip to the customers as accurate proof of their transaction with us. It is just another tangible manifestation of our policy to maintain a transparent and accountable business. Computer generated bill ensures the right mode of exchange that should actually be taking place everywhere.

Customer Service

Being in the business for decades, the most important lesson we have learnt so far is that the business cannot be run successfully without focusing on customer services. We have made our consumers our priority – keeping in mind their requirements and convenience.


From a single retail outlet, today Taj has proudly established over 75 state-of-the-art fuel stations at the strategic locations across country. In order to create further ease and convenience for our customers, we also tend to provide innovative automotive services. With the establishment of these fuel stations, we have created a one-stop destination for vehicle owners


We have a 24 hour service of helpline to help our customers whenever and wherever they need us.

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