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Late Sher Muhammad Shaikh mapped out a simple business idea, manifested in 1965 with a single petroleum outlet at Ranipur – a city in Sindh. Today, Taj Petroleum has expanded into a network of outlets coursing throughout the nation. The company has boomed and blossomed to cover its journey and is operating no as an oil marketing company namely, Taj Gasoline (Pvt.) Limited.

The advent of industrial and technological reforms has had its impact on the growth, demand and supply of the fuel industry. The ever increasing demand for petroleum products strengthens our business idea and motivates us to persistently moving forward towards a sustainable fueling future.

With a storage capacity of 13,000 metric tons, Taj Gasoline has its first oil terminal in Shikarpur, Sindh. We hope to launch even more such facilities across the country – gradually – as the business grows successfully. With our tank lorry fleet, we shall distribute our products across our network.

With our team of experts and veterans in the oil and gas industry, we are moving together working endlessly to achieve our objectives – growing stably and successfully – also maintaining focus on our goal to expand our business and have our mark all over the country.

Taj Gasoline Pvt. Ltd. ushers a  new era for Taj to build future  on the foundations of legacy.  We aim to leverage over five  decades of fuels Retailing to  build the most preferred Brand  in the industry for customers  and partners.

 Our operational focus &  involvement delivers  exceptional customer  experience both on the  forecourt through digitization  and off the forecourt through  Taj Ehsas, enabling Highest  Sales Per Outlet in the Industry  and ROI for our Partners.

 2023 has unlocked new  frontiers with Taj Gasoline  being issued the marketing  license for 2nd Province –  Punjab.

75 Retail Stations

#1 Average Fuel Sales / Station

50+ Station Under Development


Licensed in 2 Provinces- Sindh & Panjab

2 Depots Operational & 2 Under Construction 

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