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Standing firm for over five decades, Taj was founded by the late Sher Muhammad Shaikh in 1965. What started with a small fuel station at Ranipur – a small city of Sindh province, has now phenomenally progressed into one, big corporation offering its services to the whole nation. Over the course of years, our thirst for innovation and the passion to reach out to the community at larger levels has made us venture into new endeavors instead of following a singular path. Though the beginnings were quite modest but our perseverance, unendurable hard work and drive for progress has led us to where Taj stands today; a huge and renowned brand name in the corporate world.


Starting off as single retailing outlet with a daily sale of about 1000 liters, today, Taj Petroleum has expanded into a network of fuel stations coursing throughout the nation. Never falling short of ideas and aspiration, we decided to experiment business at altogether different altitudes. Consequently, Taj Corporation is now not only in oil marketing but has extended and established firm footing in the world of food and hospitality industries. We are proud to be working as a multi-service corporation having a wide array of brands with leading shares in the domestic markets of Pakistan.

Laurels & Accolades of Taj Petroleum Service

Since Taj’s humble beginnings in 1965, our company has always managed to put up remarkable performance paying off with exceptional success. Following the principles of innovation, perseverance and unhindered progress, we have been blessed to achieve recognition in modern day business. Some to name are:

  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1974
  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1975
  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1987
  • Trophy in Recognition of Excellence in Service Standards 2004
  • Shell Certificate of Achievement
  • Shell Certificate of Appreciation 2003
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2004
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2006
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2007
  • Shell 2009 Gold Retailer Award
  • (Achievements after 2010 to be added)

These laurels and accolades are a reflection of our honest efforts and true hard work – inspiring us to continue with the same zeal and passion to fly even higher.