Taj-8 Filling Station

Taj-8 Filling Station

Taj 8 filling station Inaugurated on 3rd Nov, 2015 by CESAR ROMERO vice president retail network.

Taj 8 filling has always been the best site in Pakistan since opening and selling motor fuel with daily average sales of 60,000 liters. Taj 8 has always been a remarkable achiever among all other sites Shell Pakistan and this the reason of effective management of Taj Corporation while achieving the all standards of Shell Pakistan.

Taj 8 has been a consecutively winner of MMP Award winner while achieving targets and services standards of the shell Pakistan. Factors considered in giving value to such a petrol station are mainly the design in terms of accessibility, volume of traffic along the station’s frontage, speed of the traffic; size of the total station especially the forecourt. In addition, many other services exist like car repair, car washing, shops, and stores to serve customers.

Taj 8 has also a large fine dine restaurant ROYAL TAJ established besides fuel station which caters more than 500 customers on daily basis and a beautifully established Smart-Super Mart to cater the best needs of highway, business industries and local residential customers.

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