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The millennium could be best described as the age of revolution; technological, industrial and social. We have seen cultures and traditions from one land flowing to another and seeping in; changing the social landscapes everywhere. What different we intend to eat, how have we developed new tastes and why we crave for more than our Desi Khaabe is a perfect example of something even as basic as food to be touched by the wave of globalization.

Since Taj believes in running business that tackles the ever changing needs and behaviors of the society we deal with, at Piatto we try our best to bring food fantasies from a lot of different places around the world right down to your table. Satiating your cravings for cheesy pastas and juicy burgers to mouth warming goodness of fried chicken, Piatto offers you to experience authentic tastes of the West in the friendliest environment. As an actor in the culinary scene, we take great pride in serving completely Halal, high-quality food to our customers.

In order to procure halal ingredients we reach out to trusted suppliers, based within the country, which adds to the economic development of the local market. In addition, every new branch we open after the success of another creates a reasonable number of job opportunities for the youth of the country both directly as well as indirectly. Piatto is successfully serving in Hyderabad and plans to be opening up in many places across Pakistan.

Meaningful Ambience

Taste alone cannot guarantee success in this food business. From aesthetics to acoustics, the set-up in which food is served is of equal importance in order to make a mark on the client. People tend to enjoy food at its best when they feel comfortable in and connected to their ambience which is why it is necessary to design a meaningful environment. Piatto is a perfect place for a joyous food break, entertaining teenagers on a college project to office colleagues on lunch break and happy families wishing to make memories. We make sure that our customers go home with an embedding experience that would last a while.

Quality Food, High Class Service

Keeping in mind that our customers are pure desi-ites relishing the most foreign tastes – we created Piatto by infusing a touch of conventional tastes to contemporary cuisines. The whole deal is to serve mouth-watering, warm goodness to our customers, right from the ovens. Inevitably, serving high-quality food is not possible without effective service. A warm welcome, hospitable environment and beaming staff having nothing to do with the taste of food but they do spice up the whole culinary experience for a customer. So, we make sure to cook great food, served with lots of love to maintain a clientele of happy customers!

The Most Versatile Menu

Versatility is what keeps you going and grounded in a market. Since fast food has made a huge mark on our society, it is now essential to offer people original tastes and authentic experience from around the world. That is what we do here at Piatto – we bring to you Italy’s signature pastas and pizzas, America’s juiciest street food.

Though Piatto has achieved tremendous success in such a short period, we always aspire to discover the best that is yet to come. Making people interested by offering occasional discounts, family deals and other novelties, we aim to keep our customers delighted. We value the recommendations of our worthy customers, always open to suggestions. Our aim is not only to set a benchmark in the culinary world but to create a big, happy family of foodies!

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