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MOU Signing IBA Sukkur Taj Corp

Signed MoU agreement between Taj Corporation & Sukkur IBA for furnishing central canteen at Sukkur IBA

Toyota motors and Taj

Taj Corporation Acquired Toyota Motor Dealership to extend its Diversified Business Portfolio

HotelOne and Taj

Taj Corporation Acquired Hotel One Franchise from Pakistan’s Largest Pearl Continent Group

Taj Oil Depot

Taj Corporation has begun its First Oil Depot Construction in Shikarpur Sindh

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Awards and Recognition
Taj award

TAJ has been winning many high achievement awards for their performance in modern day business, both at national and international levels for many decades. These recognition just mirrors our performance and is a tell-tale of our success.

  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1974
  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1975
  • PBS Certificates of Performance 1987
  • Trophy in Recognition of Excellence in Service Standards 2004
  • Shell Certificate of Achievement
  • Shell Certificate of Appreciation 2003
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2004
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2006
  • Shell Royal Club Membership 2007
  • Shell 2009 Gold Retailer Award
Upcoming Projects

We have not learned how to stop or even pause to take a look around since we started. So we are always coming up with new ways to make some difference towards betterment in company’s already astounding growth. As if for now we are planning to step foot in the automobile industry through toyota motors. (need more information to alter the terminology). We feel like we have already proven our selves in service industry by exuding hospitality, so now its time to build a product based market.

Food Industry

Taj has also been tremendously successful in the culinary world. We have worked our way to the top in providing delicious, mouth-watering and quality food. It all started back in 2006 when we stepped into this risky genre, where ups and down are inevitable. Despite the uncertainties, we took the gamble by making our way into this setting. Since then the growth has been undeniable, one of the great example being the PIATTO restaurant in Hyderabad. It was inaugurated recently in 2016, and has proven to be a huge hit nationwide. An healthy environment with healthy social environment where versatility is matched by traditions with just the right flavors. Positive feedback from the customers is forcing us to set up more of these spots in other cities as well, which is our goal in the near future.

  • Annual Dinner Taj Corporation

  • Service Day Celebration

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